Asaan POS and FBR Invoicing System

Asaan POS is a billing software which can be used in different retails businesses to manage inventory, sales and purchases. Asaan POS can work seamlessly and efficiently with FBR online invoicing system.

What is FBR Online Invoicing System?

Federal Board of Revenue of Pakistan (FBR) has made compulsory for some retailers to integrate their Point of Sale terminals with the FBR online invoicing system. After integration all the transactions will be reported to FBR in real time and an invoice ID will be provided from FBR which will be printed on sales receipts and invoices, and also the QR code.

Who should integrate with FBR online system?

According to FBR, all Tier-1 retailers are required to integrate their POS system with FBR invoicing system.

How Asaan POS can help with this integration?

We have developed a specialized solution for this purpose. After registration with the FBR and generating a POS ID, Asaan POS (FBR Edition) can seamlessly post data to FBR in real time. You can view the log of all the transactions. The details of this integration have been explained in above video.

How can I purchase this solution?

Please get in touch with your requirements, or if you want to setup a demo meeting. We will be happy to demonstrate the use and functionality of this special solution. Please visit the pricing section for further information about the pricing and plans.