Complete Set of Features for Toys, Hobby and Gift Stores

تمام وہ فیچرزجوٹوآئز،گفٹ اورہابی سٹور کے لۓ درکارہیں

Warranty Control

Stock Reports


Supplier Management

Customer Management

Purchase Management

Role Based Security


(آسان)Asaan Toys Free Downloads for Windows and Android

آسان ونڈوزاوراینڈرائڈ کے لئےدستیاب ھے

  • Downloads for Windows
  • Downloads for Android

"All (آسان)Asaan Toys editions (Lite, Plus, Pro) can be used in Express or Network modes after installation".

"NOTE: Enable third party app install on your Android device before installing Asaan Toys app. This app runs best on large size tablets 8 or 10 inches."