Rich Set of Features for Managing Your Toy Store

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Vendor Management

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Purchase Management

Role Based Security

Invoice Generation

Inventory management is critical in any retail business, but even more in the toys business. Strong and easy to use inventory management and UI features make Asaan POS software best choice for a toy store. Quick price lookup, item search, sales tracking, and a customer history database can greatly assist toy store owners. Asaan POS system for toy store is currently available for Windows PC, tablet, and Android tablets. Inventory database can be shared among different devices and computers.

Asaan POS point of sale system for toy store provides rich features and solves major problems faced by toy retailers.

  1. Inventory Management & Rich Reporting
  2. In toys business it is important managing numerous small and large sized toys at various locations and warehouses. In Asaan POS software, you can add high quality pictures of toys and specify their locations. This helps to quickly locate the item and order from the warehouse if not available in the store or shop. It provides rich features for inventory management and reporting for the toys business. With just one click you generate stock count value, low stock, and out of stock reports. Easy to use interface allow adding, editing and moving stock.
    toy store pos inventory management

  3. User Access Level & Security Features
  4. Asaan POS Point of sale for toy store provides an easy to use interface for defining different roles such as sales person, inventory manager and purchase manager. You can define different access level for these roles, and assign to users of the POS system. For example, a sales person can only have access to POS interface, and inventory manager will have access to only stock management module.
    role based security in POS

  5. Intuitive and User Friendly POS
  6. The user interface of Asaan POS system for toy store enhances user experience. All of your stock items are shown with pictures in the form of touch screen buttons. You can select items by pressing these buttons, scanning barcode, or by typing the name of footwear item. You can select different themes and the whole interface adopts a new look. Intuitive user interface of Asaan POS software allows adding or deleting items very easy. Asaan POS for toy store works as your assistant and improves your whole selling experience.
    POS screen for toy store

  7. BarCode Label Designer
  8. With integrated barcode label designer, you can easily generate over 50 different types of barcodes and QR labels with just one click. Although you can search items by typing their name, code value, but generating barcode labels for your whole stock reduces time to serve at point of sale.
    Barcode label designer for toy store

  9. Managing Your Toy Store Was Never This Simple.
  10. With simple and easy to use purchase management module you can generate purchase orders, email them to vendors and receive as the orders arrive. You can track each item from purchase to sale. If you are looking for answers to following questions (and more), Asaan POS for toy store can answer them very easily. 1. Which toy item was ordered from which toy vendor at what price and at what time? 2. Which customer bought which toy and what date and time, and who was the sales person? 3. Which toys are low or out of stock? 4. What is my daily, weekly or monthly revenue, expenses, and net profit? You can do much more with Asaan POS system - whether using it on your laptop, PC and mobile Android tablet. It is very simple to connect barcode scanners, thermal/receipt printer, or cash drawers.
    toy store pos for laptop and computer

  11. POS System for Windows and Android
  12. Unique feature of Asaan POS for toy store is that it can run seamlessly on different devices such as Windows PC, Windows tablet, Android tablets. It is one of the best POS and inventory management system for Android devices that provides PC like features on mobile devices.

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